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Monthly Archives: July 2019


  By Allen L Phillips When Henry Ford built the first Model T Ford in 1908 he installed an internal combustion engine.  Most cars and trucks today still use similar internal combustion engines, although considerably advanced from the one Henry used.   Today’s engine is said to be 25% efficient.  That means that only 25% of a gallon of gas is converted to the energy that operates your car.  The other 75% is converted to heat and that heat must be managed.  Your engine cooling system manages that heat. How it works:  A key component of any cooling system is the radiator which is an assembly of many small metal tubes to which are attached thin metal fins.  Filled with coolant and located at the front of the car, the radiator is exposed to the wind as the car moves.  The engine is placed right behind the radiator and between them is a cooling fan, driven by the engine, which helps pull air through the radiator.  ... read more

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