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Monthly Archives: August 2019


by Allen L Phillips A AAA survey suggests that 20% of U.S. drivers may want an electric vehicle.  Not a hybrid but an electric.  You have to plug it in.  It has a limited range that gets worse in cold weather.  I’m sure you can sense my skepticism. The survey specifically found that 40 million Americans are ”likely to consider an electric car for their next purchase, with millennials leading the way”.  At the same time AAA acknowledges what they call the “gap between interest and action” which they attribute to a lack of knowledge about the technology. What we are talking about is Plug-in Electric Vehicles (PEV).  This category includes plug-in hybrids, most of which are designed to operate in electric mode for up to about 25 miles, after which they operate as a regular hybrid with the engine starting as needed to charge the batteries.  Thus, on a short commute they act like an electric car. At the end of 2018 there w ... read more


Posted by Allen L Phillips This is an interesting survey showing the cost of first year car ownership by state.  Because it is first year ownership, the sales tax on the new car purchase is included and assumes the car is purchased in that state.  As a result, high sales tax states come out on the short end in the survey. The survey also breaks out cost of insurance, gasoline and maintenance and summarizes their effects on the total. California, as one would expect, is the highest.  From there on down the cost scale there are some interesting surprises as some states generally considered to be low cost of living (usually because of low income taxes)  do not show up well in this survey. And the different costs to insure a vehicle almost defy understanding. Click the link below and enjoy. https://www.gobankingrates ... read more

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